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  • Padajon, Mainitnon!

    Forward, Mainitnon!

  • We continue to be bound by our common core values of faith, love of family, and pride in our culture and history.

  • "It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice.”- Jose Rizal, Philippine national hero

  • Dispersed to places we could only dream about, we settled in, carved our niches, and found bliss in our adopted land. And yet, our old town has never really left us.

  • Partner with our harnessed strength as a people and help uplift this part of the world in its quest for human and community development.

  • Padajon, Mainitnon!

    Forward, Mainitnon!

Unang Pagbasa (First Reading)

Written by MI on . Posted in Projects

Mainitnon Incorporated

Facilitated by: Tambayayong Mainit Inc.


Unang Hakbang sa Pagbasa (First Reading)

Kindergarten, Grade One

October 29,2018

San Francisco Elementary School

Cantugas Elementary School

Mainit, Surigao del Norte

 tata unang hakbang pagbasa mainit surigao

Unang Hakbang Pagbasa (First Step Reading/Big Books Donation) Project

Do you remember that magical feeling when you first learned how to read?

You were probably in Grade 1 or 2 when your teacher asked you to enunciate and master, maybe in a sing-song manner "A, E, I , O , U, or your  A, B, Cs and you learned to pair and connect letters that represent images or things or feelings….

Suddenly, you could understand, imagine, and enjoy the stories inside the pages of those BOOKS. And you hunger to read more as if a whole new world of wonders has opened its doors before you!
Do you realize how fundamental that "magic" was to what you have become as professional or as a productive contributing citizen of the society now? Think about how that foundation has contributed to your success today.

That signal moment in time is what MI aims to help foster and be experienced by our young grade-schoolers in Mainit. This is the goal of MI's pet project, UNANG HAKBANG PAGBASA. That is, of course, in partnership with our hero-teachers in those schools, and our partner-organization, Tambayayong Mainit, Inc. (TMI) in Mainit.

We are providing these big attractive books to be freely read by these kids in elementary schools of Mainit. So far, we have donated to 9 schools (Magpayang, Tapian, Tagbuyawan, Mansayao, San Isidro, San Francisco, and 2 Cantugas primary/elementary schools). We hope to extend this gift of learning to the rest of the 21 barangays of the municipality.

We count on all your support to help us do that.

It is a worthy project, no doubt. To invest in the education of our children is to invest in the future.

Please continue to give from the heart for Mainit and hit that donation button today. <3

Photo credits: Regel Pobe. (Photos below are from Magpayang Elementary School, one of the first beneficiaries of MI's Unang Pagbasa Project)


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